7 Interesting Facts About Beltone Hearing Aids


Here at the Chenault House of Hearing family hearing center, we are proud to specialize in Beltone hearing aids. If you are suffering from hearing loss, this brand is a sure-fire way to improve both your hearing and your overall quality of life. Below are 7 interesting facts about Beltone hearing aids to help demonstrate why they are quickly becoming the hearing solutions of choice in the USA. 

Beltone Hearing Aids Come in a Wide Selection of Styles 

There is a Beltone hearing aid for every lifestyle. From IIC (Invisible in Canal) hearing aids to MIH (Mic in Helix) designs, Beltone offers them all. 

Beltone Is an Award-Winning Hearing Aid Brand 

The brand has won numerous prestigious awards since its inception. For example, Beltone was named the 2017 Bronze Stevie Award Winner for Best New Product in the Health & Pharmaceuticals category. Beltone was also the recipient of a 2017 Edison Award in the health and wellness category for its myPAL accessories. The brand’s celebrated myPAL accessories were also named the 2017 BIG Innovation Award winner in the innovative product category.

Beltone Offers Its Hearing Aid Users a Lifetime Service Promise 

Central to a rewarding Beltone Experience is BelCare™. This is a program of ongoing care and protection that covers you for the life of your hearing aids. This program provides you with peace of mind from your first hearing screening, through all the years you own your Beltone hearing aids. You will be able to claim your BelCare benefits at any one of over 1.500 participating Beltone Hearing Care Centers, nationwide.

Beltone Allows You to Control Your Hearing Aids with the Help of Various Apps 

Beltone currently offers access to four advanced apps, namely:

  • HearMax app, 
  • HearPlus app, 
  • SmartRemote app, and 
  • Tinnitus Calmer app. 

And, you can access helpful tutorial how-to videos when it comes to maximizing the app on the Beltone website. There, you will also find the user guides for each app available for download in a number of different languages. 

Beltone Leverages Micro-Processing Technology

The reason why Beltone hearing aids allow for superior sound quality is due to the fact that many of their newer products tap into advanced micro-processing technology. This technology allows for clearer, richer, and fuller sound in various situations. 

Beltone Hearing Aids Can Connect to Your Devices 

Whether you are using your iPhone to listen to music or you are streaming episodes of your favorite series on your TV, your Beltone Amaze hearing aid is designed to connect to your devices in order to promise the best listening experience possible. 

According to a survey, Listeners preferred Beltone Amaze in all of the following scenarios: 

  • 95% of the time for music listening over competitor’s hearing aids, 
  • 71% of the time when comparing the sound quality to competitor hearing aids for TV streaming, and 
  • 64% of the time when comparing the sound quality to competitor hearing aids that stream from an iPhone. 

Beltone Has Introduced Many ‘firsts’ to the Hearing Industry 

The brand has been the first to create and distribute:  

  • In-the-ear hearing aids,
  • 2.4 GHz wireless technology,
  • An iPhone compatible hearing aid, and
  • An app for the Apple Watch.

Beltone Has Been Around for Over 80 Years

If experience is important to you, rest assured that Beltone promises plenty of it. The brand has been changing lives since the 1930s and is still recognized as one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers. 

For more information on Beltone hearing aids or to book a hearing assessment at our family hearing center in Texas, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Chenault House of Hearing today. 

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