How to Clean Hearing Aids


In this blog post, we are going to cover the proper way or methodology for cleaning hearing aids, specifically the popular behind-the-ear hearing aid.

A standard behind-the-ear hearing aid is connected to a custom earmold via a tube. The earmold itself is made of silicone or acrylic and in its custom molded to the ear. The most important aspect when cleaning this style of hearing aid is keeping wax or debris in your ear canal out of the air passageway or the sound passageway in the custom earpiece. In the custom earpieces, you’re typically going to have one hole for the sound to pass through and a second hole which serves as a pressure ventilation passageway. That way, when the earmold is in your ear, it doesn’t literally plug up the ear – it allows air to bypass the earpiece.

The most recommended device to use to clean your hearing aids is a simple tool where one side has a small wire loop and the other side has a little brush. The most important side is the wire loop side. Take this side and scoop out both of the holes, thereby removing any debris.

How Delicate Do You Need to be While Cleaning Hearing Aids?

One benefit of a behind-the-ear hearing aid is that the earmold does not contain any electronics, so they are typically not very fragile. During cleaning, you don’t have to worry about damaging anything. Clean out both the air passageway and the receiver tube.

To properly clean your hearing aid, you may want to also consider running a monofilament through the air passageway. You can push the monofilament through the air passageway. If it moves through easily, it is indicative that there isn’t any debris in the air passageway.

The last thing you may want to consider when cleaning the hearing aid is using the brush side to clear any debris over the sound inputs or microphone ports on top of the hearing aid. On occasion, you may want to open the battery door and brush that out as well.

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