Our Guide to the Types of Hearing Aids


As someone who is suffering from hearing loss, you will undoubtedly be on the look-out for a solution that is best suited to your lifestyle, age as well as the severity of hearing loss that you have experienced. 

There are many different types and styles of hearing aids, which cover a variety of personal needs that include lifestyle, the degree of hearing loss, and other factors that should be discussed with hearing professionals. At Chenault House of Hearing, we work with the many different types of hearing aids and help our customers to pick the right device with the right features to suit their needs.

Choosing the Right Hearing Aid

Here’s a guide to help with your comparison of hearing aids and the features to look for when considering the best option for you. Getting it right will reward you with a better life and hearing quality.

BTE – Behind-the-Ear

Worn behind your ears, this is one of the most traditional types. Unlike other types of hearing aids, a BTE model will be easily visible. However, they are also often more durable and require less maintenance than many other models. They produce minimal feedback, and are usually very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 

CIC – Completely-in-Canal

One of the reasons why these particular hearing loss devices are so popular is that they are invisible. In short, nobody will know that you are wearing a hearing aid. They sit deep inside the ear canal, and are one of the smallest hearing instruments on the market. They come with varying levels of technology, meaning that there will likely be an option for you to consider regardless of your budget.

 IIC – Invisible-in-Canal

These are about as close to invisible as you can get and, although small, promise very high-quality sound. The absence of obstruction also makes it possible for you, as the wearer, to easily localize the sound coming from outside.

MIH – Mic-in-Helix

A top choice for active people, the clever construction of the MIC style hearing aid takes advantage of the ear’s anatomy to provide near-to-natural sound quality. 

ITC – In-the-Canal

These are small, discreet devices that fit inside the ear. They are almost invisible when worn and a very popular option.

ITE – In-the-Ear

This hearing aid is comfortable and discrete. 

RIE – Receive-in-Ear

These are recommended for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. They promise a reduced risk of occlusion. 

Here at Chenault House of Hearing, we recommend Beltone hearing aids, in particular, to our clients who are looking for quality hearing aids that are sure to stand the test of time. Great features of Beltone hearing aids include:

  • Rechargeable ZPower Batteries last up to one year. They can be worn all day long on one charge, will charge overnight in just 2 to 4 hours.
  • Bluetooth hearing aids deliver audio streams from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with outstanding sound quality for phone calls, music, movies, FaceTime conversation, Siri and other activities.
  • Beltone hearing aids wirelessly communicate with each other to customize sound as the surroundings change. By prioritizing speech, it’s easy to hear the conversation, even in noisy places. Enjoy seamless transitions as you move from quiet to loud environments. And, it’s all hands-free.
  • Hearing aids with pre-programmed amplification will aid mild to moderate hearing loss; particularly where people experience more problems hearing higher frequencies than the lower frequencies.

If you are having problems with your hearing, book a free consultation at Chenault House of Hearing today. We will not only help you with a comprehensive evaluation, but also to choose the hearing aid device that is right for you, your lifestyle, and your budget. We are Offering Free Hearing Screening.  Make an Appointment Today

Beltone Hearing Center

The Beltone Hearing Center Inc. in Greenville, Texas is the oldest hearing center still in its original location in the state of Texas.


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