Pros and Cons of Hearing Aids


Hearing aids are available in more sizes and styles than ever before thanks to the miniaturization of electronics and the focus that the hearing aid industry places on style and design. The style you choose is influenced by a few factors, which should all be discussed with your hearing professional. 

The degree of hearing loss, for example, will impact the device you choose. The more severe your hearing loss, the more power you will need from your hearing aid. Each hearing aid style is appropriate for different degrees of hearing loss. 

Cosmetic preferences also impact the type of hearing aid that you opt for. Many people seek hearing aids that are not noticeable. Your dexterity ability will also play a role, as hearing aids are typically small devices, with some styles being more appropriate and well-suited for people with dexterity challenges. Here is an overview of the pros and cons of hearing aids:

In-Ear Hearing Aids 

In-ear hearing aids are custom-fitted based on an impression of your ear. These are the least visible and easy to use with a phone. The cons are that they can be expensive, and it can be hard to change batteries.

Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids

These hearing aids are comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. They are usually the most affordable kind of device and ensure minimal feedback thanks to the hearing aids being more distanced from one another. The cons include the fact that they are less discreet, are subject to wind noise, and aren’t suitable for people who have a high degree of hearing loss.

Bilateral Hearing Aids

These hearing aids are so small that they are nearly invisible, and many of them are rechargeable. Bilateral hearing aids are ideal for a person who has a hearing impairment in both ears. When someone has a loss of hearing in only one ear, it is known as Unilateral hearing loss, in which case only one ear would need a device.

Whether you need binaural hearing aids, a unilateral hearing aid or would simply like an experienced hearing professional to guide you through your options, we can help. Contact Chenault House of Hearing today.

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Hearing Aids Styles

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