Hearing Aids

New Beltone Amaze™

Beltone Amaze, built on our latest and fastest micro-processing technology, rechargeable, you will experience a clearer, fuller and richer sound in any listening situation

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Beltone Trust

Beltone Trust™, Designed to fit seamlessly into your clients’ lifestyles.

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Beltone Legend

Beltone Legend hearing aids adapt to unique situations and individual needs better than any other hearing aid on the market.

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Beltone First

A genuine breakthrough in hearing technology, Beltone First features our most sophisticated sound-processing power, a sleek new shape, and the ability to fit over 90% of all hearing losses cosmetically.

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Beltone Promise

Designed to simulate natural hearing, Beltone Promise hearing aids use our award-winning 2.4GHz wireless technology to communicate with each other and automatically adapt to changing surroundings.

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Beltone Turn

An advanced digital hearing aid, Beltone Turn marries great sound with all-day comfort. It’s easy to use and easy to afford.

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Beltone Boost-Max

Beltone Boost Max is the newest, most advanced hearing aid for severe-to-profound hearing loss, delivering powerful amplification, excellent sound quality and seamless connectivity.

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Beltone Boost-Plus

Beltone Boost Plus is the ultimate hearing solution for patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss, brining powerful sound, excellent sound quality and industry-leading connectivity options to everything that matters in life.

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Beltone Boost

Powerful, robust and comfortable, Beltone Boost lets your patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss connect to the most important things in their lives.

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Beltone Ally

Beltone Ally is the ideal choice for patients seeking an advanced, yet affordable solution offering natural and easy hearing.

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Beltone Hearing Center

The Beltone Hearing Center Inc. in Greenville, Texas is the oldest hearing center still in its original location in the state of Texas.


Hearing Aids Styles

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