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Beltone Boost Plus is the ultimate hearing solution for patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss, brining powerful sound, excellent sound quality and industry-leading connectivity options to everything that matters in life.

Thanks to Made for iPhone® integration, patients can now stream sounds directly to their Boost Plus hearing aids from their iPhone, iPad® or iPod touch®. The HearPlus™ app allows patients to seamlessly control their hearing aids with a few easy swipes direcly from their iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, Apple Watch and the most popular Android™ phone models.

No adapter or intermediary devices needed. Beltone Boost Plus connects to a range of 2.4 GHz wireless accessories, too. This helps to increase signal-to-noise ration for patients who need it most.

Beltone Boost Plus is a powerful hearing instrument, yet with no compromise on sound quality. CrossLink Directionality™ with Personal Sound ID™, takes personal hearing to the next level. It creates better spatial awareness, localization and speech understanding and lets the patients, not the hearing aids, naturally decide what to listen to. It means they create their very own Personal Sound ID.

The industry-leading digital signal processor and advanced features like Feedback Eraser™ and Sound Shifter™ give your patients the amplification they need, without distraction or distortion. This combination of power and clear sound makes Beltone Boost Plus the best option to help patients who suffer most from hearing loss.

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