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With Beltone Amaze, built on our latest and fastest micro-processing technology, you will experience a clearer, fuller and richer sound in any listening situation.Now, you can hear all of life’s beautiful and delicate sounds, from a grandchild’s exciting story, a quick joke in a busy restaurant to birds singing in the distance. Get ready to experience more action, thrills or adventures when you are watching a movie. And, if you are a music or theatre lover, prepare to be amazed by the textured tones that make live performances deeper and more fulfilling.


  • Fully rechargeable, easy to use, and can connect to any of your devices
  • Excellent streaming quality & easy control with Beltone HearMax™ app
  • Listeners preferred Beltone Amaze 95% of the time for music listening over competitor’s hearing aids
  • Listeners preferred Beltone Amaze 71% of the time when comparing sound quality to competitor hearing aids for TV streaming
  • Listeners preferred Beltone Amaze 64% of the time when comparing sound quality to competitor hearing aids that stream from iPhone™


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The Beltone Hearing Center Inc. in Greenville, Texas is the oldest hearing center still in its original location in the state of Texas.


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