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If you suspect that you have hearing loss, then you need to book an evaluation with a hearing professional at the Chenault House of Hearing near Allen, TX. Many times, you will be able to prevent further hearing regression with a hearing aid that has been customized to your unique needs.

Hearing aids aren’t the best treatment option for some types of hearing loss, but they are the best treatment option for most types of hearing loss. Whether or not you have hearing loss related to age or genetic factors, or even noise exposure treatment, hearing aids are usually your best and only treatment option.

Contrary to popular belief, hearing aids don’t just amplify all sounds. Rather, hearing aids offer a  much more precise solution as they have the capability to amplify certain sounds that you need, while other sounds that you don’t need to hear will not be amplified. 

How Hearing Aids Are Customized for Patients

Humans with normal hearing can hear sounds all the way down to 20 Hertz (which is a very low pitch or low-frequency sound), and all the way up to 20,000 Hertz (which is a high pitch or high-frequency sound). You can think of this as a piano keyboard, with all of the keys on the left side of the keyboard being low pitch and as you work your way up to the right side of the piano keyboard, you get to higher pitches.

Most individuals with hearing loss will have a loss in some of these ranges, but not all of them. When a hearing professional treats an individual with hearing loss, they need to make sure that they amplify the areas correctly and avoid amplifying unnecessary areas.

After a hearing test, a hearing professional will be able to look at your audiogram, which shows the hearing thresholds of your ears.

The Chenault House of Hearing is a Beltone hearing aid center near Allen, TX. Book your appointment with an audioprosthologist today.

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