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The Beltone Hearing Center, Inc. in Greenville, TX, is the oldest hearing center in Texas to still be in the same location where it was founded. Since 1945, when the center first opened, through its takeover by John B. Chenault in 1997 up to the present day, the Center has provided quality hearing care services and has been the leading provider of hearing aids in Greenville and the surrounding areas.

It is our mission to not only provide the best possible testing and care for your hearing, but also to supply you with the hearing aids best-suited to your ears and level of hearing ability. At the rooms of the Victorian white house that has been our home base for all these decades, we offer a range of services designed to maximize and improve your hearing. These include:

  • Ear measurements and live speech mapping,
  • Video examination of the ear,
  • Where applicable, computer analysis of your current hearing aids, measuring them against your actual requirements,
  • Screening to detect any changes in hearing, and
  • Discussion and advice on the many types of hearing aids available, as well as their respective benefits and suitability.

After the thorough testing and assessment of each individual patient’s needs, we select and recommend the best possible hearing instruments from among our comprehensive range, perfectly suited to the individual. We fit each device and offer complete follow-up care to ensure that our customers are satisfied for years to come. 

Each Beltone Hearing Aid comes with a warranty. We also offer loss, theft, and damage coverage.

An Instrument for Every Ear

At the Beltone Hearing Center in Greenville, we offer a full range of Beltone hearing instruments to serve every type and level of hearing requirements. These include:

Beltone Amaze™

The new, ‘flagship’ product offers the clearest, richest sound possible for any listening range or mode, enhancing your ability to listen during intimate conversations and to maintain your appreciation for music. The fully rechargeable devices can stream from an iPhone, facilitating both media listening and crystal clear phone conversations.

Beltone Trust™

This is the most versatile hearing aid on the market, seamlessly adapting to each user’s style of living and listening. These instruments come with an array of advanced product features, such as CrossLink Directionality with Personal Sound ID and Remote Care. It improves your ability to hear sound from non-visible sources by up to 80%, and you can expect a 40% improvement in your understanding of speech from any direction.

Beltone Boost™ Range

These are designed as the ultimate solution for patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

To find out more about these and other instruments, visit our Hearing Aid Products page to see our full range of industry-leading aural restoration devices or contact us.

At the Beltone Hearing Center, we understand that the sense of hearing is an indispensable factor for a good quality of life. The ability to share conversations with those you love, to listen to your favorite music or to simply enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature on a quiet summer day, not to mention your ability to detect potential challenges and problems in your environment, are all valuable parts of the human experience. There is no reason to lose any of these as a result of progressive or sudden hearing loss. Beltone’s expertly designed hearing instruments enable you to keep them – and even regain them – for a long time to come.

 At the Beltone Hearing Center, we are proud to be able to apply our expertise to the enhancement of hearing and, therefore, life. For hearing aids in the Greenville area, look no further, contact us today!

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Beltone Hearing Center

The Beltone Hearing Center Inc. in Greenville, Texas is the oldest hearing center still in its original location in the state of Texas.


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