How Preventing and Treating Hearing Loss Helps Lower Risks of Dementia Near Garland, TX

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Preventing and treating hearing loss does so much more than simply maintain and/or restore a person’s hearing! Did you know it may also help to lower the risk of dementia? Research by the Lancet Commission Dementia Prevention, Intervention and Care has identified hearing loss as the number one modifiable lifestyle factor that might increase or reduce a person’s risk of developing dementia in later life. Dementia, whose common type is Alzheimer’s disease, affects growing numbers of people not only near Garland, TX, but also all over the country. 

Dementia is a condition defined as the decline in an individual’s mental ability so severe that, eventually, it has the power to reduce their ability to manage daily tasks. It may even lead to a person not being able to recognize their own family members. The research by the Lancet Commission identifies nine dementia risk factors. But, of those, hearing loss is noted as the lifestyle factor with the biggest impact on delaying the onset or reducing the incidence of dementia if prevented or treated early.

Prevent or Delay Dementia with Our Hearing Assessment Services at Beltone Hearing Center

While it can strike much earlier, dementia commonly affects people aged 65 years and older. The reassuring fact is that it is by no means inevitable. Neither does it mean that younger people aren’t at risk. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, dementia also affects people younger than 65 years, including those in their 40s, which should urge early screening and treatment for hearing loss the moment it is suspected.

While some lifestyle factors, like aging, may be unavoidable, hearing loss is manageable and indeed preventable. This puts a common dementia risk factor under your control, which is great news. 

If you are near Garland, TX, we advise utilizing Chenault House of Hearing’s hearing assessment services at the Beltone Hearing Center. It is only when you know the state of your hearing health or nature and extent of your hearing loss that you can begin treatment and be in a position to possibly prevent or delay dementia later in life.

But, how does better hearing health reduce your chances of developing dementia?

How Managing Hearing Loss Lowers the Risk of Dementia

Hearing loss means there is less auditory input on the brain, which disengages auditory centers and leads to their degeneration. The consequence is that the brain requires more resources to process auditory information. To manage the increased cognitive load, the brain has to use resources meant for other functions, such as learning and memory retention.

It should follow then that with better hearing comes better cognitive health. Your chances of developing dementia will, thus, be greatly reduced. Where hearing loss has already set in, more aggressive treatment must be sought. What available research has however not proven is whether treating hearing loss can reverse dementia that has already been diagnosed.

1. What to Expect from a Hearing Assessment

Here at the Chenault House of hearing, you can find out exactly what your hearing health looks like – completely free of charge. This is what to expect during your free assessment:

2. Assessment

3. Evaluation 

Our team will take a complete case history and perform a hearing screening. They will also conduct a video ear exam and a word discrimination test.

4. Explanation of the Audiogram Results

Basically, this is a “try before you buy” process, which offers you a chance to “test drive” the hearing instruments before you buy them. 

5. Fitting and Delivery 

Using your audiogram results, we use instruments and proprietary Solus and Solus Pro, Select-A-Fit software to fit your device so that it’s right for your specific hearing loss.

A hearing assessment is an important step in preventing cognitive decline as you age. Visit our Beltone Hearing Center near Garland, TX, so our specialists can assess your hearing health. Alternatively, you can contact us here to schedule an appointment.

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